Feeding Group

Dates:6 week program starting:
Term 3 – Starting 17 August
Term 4 – Starting 3 November
Times:11 – 12pm
1:30 – 2:30pm
Number of peopleMaximum 4 people
Run by:Speech pathologist and allied health assistant
Cost:Between $556 and $1113 depending on numbers

Does your child have difficulty with any of the following?

  • Difficulties starting solids
  • Not putting food in their mouth. (May also not be putting toys or hands/feet in mouth)
  • Preference for one type of food texture or limited foods
  • Difficulties with chewing or mouth movements
  • Spillage of food or liquids from mouth during eating
  • Anxiety around trying new foods
  • AFRID diagnosis

They may benefit from a small intensive feeding group. The group will focus on a Responsive Feeding approach which helps create trust between the clinician, the child and their family and then towards food. The aim will be to teach families the skills to implement responsive food routines in their homes so that progress can be continued once the group program ends.

Some foods will be provided for the groups, but there may be weeks where preferred foods from home are to be brought in. 

An assessment prior to your child starting the group is required to ensure suitability as well as develop a family support plan.

Cost of session will be dependent on numbers but will range from:  $556 ($92 per session for 4 children) – $1113 ($185 for 2 children).

This includes a feeding qualified speech pathologist and an Allied Health Assistant.

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