Hanen “It Takes Two to Talk” Parent Program

The It Takes Two to Talk program is suitable for parents who have late-talking toddlers and children (birth to 5 years) with a language impairment, a diagnosis that may impact their language development, or a cognitive and developmental delay.

The program is designed to teach parents how to build their child’s language development during their normal everyday routines. The aim is for parents to become the primary language therapist within the home, without the need for weekly speech therapy sessions during their child’s early years.

The program is conducted on a Saturday morning for 2.5 hours over 8 weeks. It is recommended that both parents attend, however it is understandable if this is not achievable. The program also includes 3 home videoing sessions where the speech pathologist will film the parents playing with their child and provide feedback and continuing recommendations.

No program date has been determined at this stage. To register your interest please get in contact with Can Speak.

For more information on the It Takes Two to Talk program, please click: http://www.hanen.org/Areas-of-Expertise/Early-Childhood-Language-Delays/How-Hanen-Helps-Parents.aspx