Literacy Skills Group

Days:Tuesdays during Term 4 2022
Dates:Start date Tuesday 11 October
Times:4:15 – 5:15pm
Number of people:Between 4-6 children
Run by:Speech pathologist and allied health assistant
Cost:Between $477 and $1000 depending on numbers

Recommended for children aged 7 and older.

Run by a Speech Pathologist and an Allied Health Assistant. This group will focus on reading and writing words through the blending, segmenting and manipulation of sounds in words.

The Sounds Write Program will be the basis of this group to ensure skills are taught with a strong evidence base.

Skills targeted in the group include:

  • Review of letter-sound correspondence, introduction of double letters and consonant digraphs
  • Blending and segmenting words from CV/ VC to CCVCC word structures, (where C = consonant and V = vowel)
  • Phonics controlled reading and writing of words and short sentences

Your child will be provided with a small amount of homework each week to ensure carry over at home.

A one page summary report will be provided at the end of the term showing your child’s progress and ongoing recommendations.

The group cost can be claimed using your NDIS funding package however it is recommended you confirm with your NDIS Local Area Coordinator if your funding will cover group therapy.

A pre-program interview may also be scheduled in the weeks before the course commences to ensure suitability at a cost of $50.