Social Communication Group

Days:Wednesdays during Term 4 2022
Dates:Start date Wednesday 12 October
Times:3:30 – 4:30pm
Number of peopleBetween 6-8 adolescents
Run by:Two speech pathologists and allied health assistant
Cost:Between $783 ($87 per session) and $1044 ($116 per session) depending on numbers

The social communication group is for Autistic or Neurodiverse adolescents aged 8-12 years who are interested in learning about their communication style and exploring their strengths in a supportive environment.

The group will take a neurodiversity affirmative approach. It will aim to assist autistic adolescents and their families in learning about communication styles, diversity in social intelligence, and the harms of masking. Students will be encouraged to explore their own communication style, how to advocate for their needs, and if desired, help with how to seek out others with a similar style. 

This group will not be teaching general social skills (turn taking, eye contact, social language) and is not being run for the purpose of making friends within the group (although if that occurs then that’s perfectly acceptable). 

Parental/carer engagement every two weeks at the same time will also be required – although separate to the adolescents.  Parents attend separate sessions at the same time and are taught how to assist their teens in making and keeping friends and developing their skills in communicating with their children.

Parent participation is recommended.

The group cost can be claimed using your NDIS funding package however it is recommended you confirm with your NDIS Local Area Coordinator if your funding will cover group therapy.

A pre-program interview may also be scheduled in the weeks before the course commences to ensure suitability at a cost of $50.